Technology that meets workers where they are


Mustr is a secure software tool that brings visibility and structure to the distributed workforce.

Mustr saves workers time and ensures they have critical information and support when and where it is needed.  It also digitizes messy daily processes - ones that otherwise live in notebooks, on text message chains, in phone trees, on ad hoc spreadsheet trackers. This automated data collection and aggregation gives leaders real-time visibility into otherwise inaccessible operations data.

If you spend time picking through handwritten notes from the field or SMS chain responses to enter data into a tracker, we should talk.

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Planning and scheduling

Adyton planning software matches people, resources and capabilities with operational activities.

It enables operations staff to balance scheduling and staff assignments and integrate mobile calendaring and event data to keep operations running smoothly in dynamic environments. With two-way secure accessibility from both the scheduling desk and staff mobile devices, leaders and team members get a real-time picture of planned & ongoing operations.

If your scheduling process is done on a whiteboard with magnets, we should talk.

Training and evaluation

Adyton’s mobile training & evaluation software onboards new personnel, monitors individual and group progress, and assesses training efficacy using a data-driven blend of analytics and user feedback.

It brings digital speed and structured data granularity to processes that otherwise rely on stacks of paper gradesheets or knee-board cards. It also creates a training-focused data asset to enable continuous improvement in training operations across schoolhouse, OJT and synthetic environments.

If you transcribe hand-written gradesheets into a tracker after training events, we should talk.

Equipment tracking

The 92X mobile app brings real-time data visibility on equipment and inventory to both leaders and individual team members.

92X digitizes time-consuming and analog paper inventory lists and property books, not only saving time for team members and leaders but also creating a shared data asset to support decision-makers.

If you track your equipment or do group inventory with paper and pencil, we should talk.

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