Data security is our highest priority

We make it fast, safe and easy for organizations to integrate Adyton software into the US Government Risk Management Framework or other compliance regimes

Key features

Identification & access control

We offer role-based access control, remote wipe, remote access revocation, multi-factor authentication, and device authentication in all of our software.

Data protection & encryption

Includes data-at-rest double encryption, container-based encryption, FIPS 140-2 validated modules, data-in-transit encryption, and PII / PHI data protection.

Organizational policies

Customizable to your organizational policies, including failed login lockouts, session locks, customizable user agreements, and eDiscovery / FOIA export.


Mobile applications and the distributed workforce present unique challenges to the enterprise. Information is on the move, users are remote, and data is accessed on multiple devices. But business still needs to get done.

Adyton's technology makes BYOD a reality for the most highly regulated organizations.

Double the encryption

Adyton's technology is designed from the ground up with military-grade double encryption to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements, including Federal Impact Level 4 FOUO information data protection.

We think it's the world’s first double encrypted mobile application platform.

Easy accreditation

Adyton's technology is built on features designed to address NIST Special Publication 800-53r4 security controls for mobile devices in accordance with CNSSI 1253 and the CNSSI 1253F Privacy Overlay for Personally Identifying Information (PII).

Our software was designed to be accredited for government users.

Designed for the most stringent security standards

Designed to meet CNSSI 1253 and CNSSI 1253F(6) protected information

Available in AWS Govcloud and Commercial cloud environments

Purpose-built features for SP 800-53r4 security controls on a BYOD mobile device

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