Simple, secure, mobile

Mustr brings accountability to the 21st century
Maintain real-time team accountability

Get fast and seamless visibility on team member statuses, push them critical info with read receipt, ensure that they have clarity on priority tasks, and automate data export for easy reporting

Bring structure to information flows

Collect structured information where none existed before and get automatically aggregated responses to build an enterprise data asset that supports decision making, AI, and ML

Flexible access for flexible workforces

Access real-time information on the go from the mobile application, review reports and manage data from the convenience of the desktop; support low friction data collection with zero app required SMS data capture capabilities

Products with a strong foundation

Adyton technology

Stringent security, challenging connectivity, and rigorous compliance do not have to mean bespoke software development.

We built a technology stack leveraging industry best practices for cyber security and decades of experience in the most austere and disadvantaged communications environments.

Designed to meet the compliance requirements of sensitive and classified information, this technology stack is the foundation of Mustr, giving organizations a COTS capability with enterprise grade features - without the price tag of bespoke software


Built-in seamless synchronization gives users access to their information in any environment - in the field, on a plane or at sea - regardless of cell coverage.

Data Encryption

FIPS 140-2 encryption techniques mean your data is always protected - at rest or in transit, on mobile or in the cloud. Encryption keys are protected by tamper-resistant cryptographic stores.

Access Control

Remote access revocation, remote wipe and multi-factor authentication are standard. Sleep easy knowing that you have control wherever your users go.

See how people in the field are using the Adyton platform

See how people in the field are using Mustr