We built impact into the founding DNA of Adyton as a Public Benefit Corporation. 

In the military we were called to serve, to defend values, and to protect those in harm’s way. In business we saw the power of doing well by doing good. At Adyton we create value in the world through the product that impacts our users, the data that we generate for our customer organizations, and the opportunities that we create for our investors and our mission-driven team. 

We believe firmly in the power of free enterprise and profit motive to generate massive capacity for impact, and the personal responsibility to make the most of the opportunities that are afforded to us through free markets, democracy and the rule of law. The more value we create for the world - the more value we create for our investors, and in doing so we seek to set an example for others.

A Public Benefit Corporation

Adyton is incorporated and organized as a Public Benefit Corporation to develop technologies to protect information from access by hostile and unauthorized actors. We believe this core trust is essential to delivering world class mobile capabilities to users in high risk situations and in untrusted cyber environments. It has the same profit motive as any other C-corp, but the additional mandate to create a positive impact in the world. 

Veteran hiring

We know from personal experience that military veterans bring grit, drive, passion and teamwork that has been forged through the most grueling of experiences. We also know that military veterans often struggle to translate this to private sector experience and struggle with transitions. Too often this ends in tragedy. We take their raw talent and through mentoring and coaching, develop the most determined engineers on the planet to tackle the world’s most challenging problems.

Military spouse hiring

Military spouses serve the world over. Often referred to as the hardest job in the military, they move every three years, frequently to locations with limited professional and career opportunities. At the same time these highly capable individuals repeatedly demonstrate attention to detail and extreme organization as they navigate military structures and processes. We proactively create opportunities for military spouses to contribute their talents, create value, and grow their careers regardless of their location - whether it’s Korea or Kentucky.

Post-conflict hiring

As soldiers we served with partner nation militaries around the world, trusting our allies to have our backs. We also saw the impact that economic prosperity had in creating peace, security and stability. When we wore a uniform we built roads and markets to create new opportunities in conflict zones. At Adyton we create jobs and opportunities that contribute to the prosperity and resilience of post-conflict countries.

Data ownership

As a matter of principle our customers own all of their own data. For too long technology companies have taken advantage of unwitting consumers and customers. We seek to set a better example. We build great software that generates powerful data for our customer organizations. They value that data, so they pay for our software plain and simple. We protect it in the cloud, we structure it and maintain it, but it’s never for sale, it’s never used for advertising, and it’s never locked in.