We're on a mission to bring software to the frontline

Our mission

At Adyton we are building mobile software for national security, first responders, and critical skill workers everywhere. We have carried the rucksacks, flown the aircraft, and performed the maintenance. We know what it is like to go to work, and we know what it is like not to have the information you need.

There is a whole world of people who don’t work in an office, at a desk, or in front of a computer. They are on a flight line, aboard a ship, or at a job site. We empower these people with the digital capabilities to work more efficiently and safely - wherever the job gets done.

Our values

Place service over self

Our why starts with our users, with their challenges, with their pain, and in the world where they work.

We build for them. We create value for them. We create impact for them. At Adyton, we live service through software.

Relish every challenge

Every user problem is an engineering challenge. These problems make our product more powerful, our team even stronger, and our users more effective.

Every challenge is a privilege. At Adyton, we are hungry for the challenges.

Do important things well

Our users deserve the best. We attack complexity with simplicity, build without ego, and design with empathy.

We know that mission-essential people need mission-critical software. At Adyton, we build software that matters.

Our story

As former non-commissioned officers, we know what it is like trying to keep track of people. Your green notebook is your knowledge management system, your cargo pocket is your filing cabinet, and you spend dozens of hours each week tracking down your people - figuring out who is where, what needs to happen and what didn’t get done. Oh and at the end of the day you get to input it into a tracker on a SharePoint … if the network isn’t down, the spreadsheet isn’t locked, your CaC certificates work, and you can get a turn on the computer. 

We’ve worked in Fortune 500 businesses and cutting-edge Silicon Valley software companies, and we know it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right tools you can empower a highly functioning, distributed, accountable, and collaborative workforce. 

In 2019 we founded Adyton PBC - a software company dedicated to bringing great mobile technology to people who have challenging jobs, who care about their personnel, and who just want to get the mission done.

Our software gives time and peace of mind back to first line supervisors, gives organizations a better understanding of their personnel, and allows leaders to spend more time leading and less time administering. 

Our founders

I’m JJ - co-founder and President. I helped Fortune 500 companies digitize operations at The Boston Consulting Group, did an absurd amount of paperwork in Army Special Forces, and learned how to use Excel without a mouse at Yale School of Management. Favorite military attire: poncho liner worn as a cape. Fun fact: I headbutted a C-130 on my first jump.

I’m James - co-founder and CEO. I built great software at Palantir Technologies, carried heavy rucksacks in Army Special Forces, and took an indulgent number of PhysEd classes at Stanford. Favorite military attire: smoking jacket & ranger panties. Fun fact: I always sang “Angie” by the Rolling Stones in partner force karaoke sessions. It was always terrible.

Our advisors

We are fortunate to share in the wide-ranging wisdom and expertise of our advisors, whose experience spans enterprise technology, the defense sector, consumer software and the intelligence community.

Mike Hurley, Team Leader and Senior Counsel on 9/11 Commission

LTG David Fridovich (retired), former Deputy Commander US SOCOM

MG Malcolm Frost (retired), former Commanding General Center for Initial Military Training, US Army TRADOC

Colin Anderson, former Palantir CFO

Dan Gould, former Tinder CTO

Our investors

Ready to make an impact?

We're on the lookout for sharp, motivated people to join us on our journey. Whether you write code or you write proposals, if you are dedicated to improving the lives of others, and take an empathetic approach to everything you do, we want to talk.

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